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We're IT specialists that offer service and support in Townsville and surrounding areas. Our services suit small sized businesses, home users and specialty gaming PC's. PeterIT sells and service Windows and Apple computers.


PeterIT offers you personalised service and support. After hours support and remote service is our specialty. We offer competitive rates for all of our goods and services and our business is driven by a customer focused business ethic.

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Remote IT Support for Mac and Windows

Using remote IT support, we can diagnose your IT problems, customise your computer or network for better performance, manage and troubleshoot problems, provide ideas, tips and guidelines to prevent problems and perform bug fixes and maintenance. Learn about why we use remote support and what remote support is. Click the button below to get our remote support software. 

Ask for a call back 

Make a remote support booking or delivery time with us online and we'll get back to as soon as possible. Appointments are required and must be confirmed prior to deliveries to us. If you request for IT support is urgent or out of hours, please call us on (07) 4782 4646.  Please fill out the contact form below for all other requests including support and sales.

Leave your Mac or PC with us for repairs

With our convenient IT drop off service, you can leave your PC or Mac with us and we'll take care of the rest. Please note that appointments are required as we cannot be held responsible for any deliveries left unattended at our premises. We offer a range of convenient times. Request a time to deliver your computer to us by filling out the form below or calling us on (07) 4728 4646.

"A complete service to my desktop without having to leave my home office!"

I. Hobbs


7 Swan Court, Douglas Qld 4814

All Calls  07 4728 4646


Ask us online about an appointment time, drop of time for your gear. 

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